Withdrawing Money at an SMS Payment Casino

Withdrawing Money at an SMS Payment Casino

Can I Withdraw Money at An SMS Payment Casino

You can withdraw your winnings at an SMS payment casino, however, you may not be able to withdraw your cash the same way in which you deposited it which can catch out a lot of players, especially new players to the online casino world. Many players who use an SMS payment casino, will choose to then make their deposits to the site via the pay by mobile phone bill depositing payment method. This is because it is safe, you never have to hand over bank details to the online casino, and you can do it quickly from your phone no matter where you are.
While this is a fantastic depositing payment option that many players choose, you should be aware before using it that you cannot use this same payment method to then withdraw your winnings from your SMS payment casino. This can be quite frustrating for players, however, there are a number of different ways in which you can get around this tricky situation!

What Other Payment Methods Can I Use to Withdraw Cash at an SMS payment Casino

Normally, the way in which you deposit cash then determines how you can withdraw it. For some payment options at an SMS payment casino, it is fine to use the same withdrawing system as you did for depositing, such as using a credit or debit card or using an e-Wallet payment method like PayPal, which is also another popular way to deposit cash online.
However, it is not only paying by text message that limits how you can withdraw your cash, it is also quite a few other payment methods such as PaySafe Card and Ukash. If you have made a deposit using the phone bill payment method or using another system such PaySafe Card, players then have a few options when withdrawing their cash. The normal process is to be first be offered a cheque from your online casino. If this does not suit you, however, players can also request to have the cash deposited straight into their account by providing their bank details, or have it put onto their debit card by providing their debit card number. This is the easiest way in which to quickly get your cash, but it does mean that you take away those extra security levels that make SMS payment casino depositing so appealing in the first place.

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