The SMS Payment Casino Deposit Process

The SMS Payment Casino Deposit Process

Setting up your First SMS Payment Casino Deposit

The first time you use an SMS payment casino, the process will be slightly different to any other deposit you make thereafter. This is because you have to set up the SMS payment casino option first, then it will be streamlined for future deposits.
The first step is to create an account with the casino, as this will be required before you deposit anything. At this stage, it’s a good idea to have a look around to figure out if you’re getting the best possible deal. This means taking a look into the promotions area of a site to find out what they offer their new and regular players.
Once you’ve made a choice in SMS payment casino sites, it’s time to set up your first payment. This involves adding your phone number into the site and choosing how much you want to deposit. This can be as little as £5, though different carriers will have slightly different higher limits.
Then it’s up to you to authorise the payment, which will be sent to you via text or in rare cases as a phone call. The latter would only really take place if your carrier is looking for an extra layer of security on your SMS payment casino transaction. Once you’ve popped your text back, the money will appear in your SMS payment casino account in an instant.

Are there Issues with SMS Payment Casino Deposits?

We love using alternate payment methods for extra security, but SMS payment casino deposits are not without their flaws. There’s no real perfect casino payment method, so here are some things you’ll want to know about SMS payment casino transactions.
The first is that you can’t withdraw with this payment method, which may mean you share other credentials with a site to do so. This can compromise the security of your account, which an SMS payment casino transaction is there to prevent. If you don’t want your card details online, then this may mean you have to pay more for your deposit to be sent via cheque.
The system isn’t totally fool proof either, though there are more restrictions for your safety. This means that you can’t deposit too much, just in case your phone is being used by someone else. This is in place to help in case of emergencies but it might not suit every player, especially if you place high roller stakes.
Though SMS payment casino sites aren’t without their faults, this is a great payment method for those who want a bit of extra security. Plus the speed of the payment method and the low hassle means you can’t go wrong with an SMS payment casino.

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