Pay with Mobile Casino Payment Handlers

Pay with Mobile Casino Payment Handlers

With the rise of the smartphone, pay with mobile casino sites have quickly risen in popularity and are a firm favourite amongst casino players. Why? Well, not only are they super easy to use but they are also convenient and extremely safe. There are a number of different payment handlers that optimise pay with mobile casino sites, so if you aren’t sure what they are, check out our list below.

Who Process the Payments Made at a Pay with Mobile Casino?

You’ve sent the text message to fund your pay with mobile casino account and you are about to get started playing all of your favourite games, however, do you know who actually processes this payment? Well, there is actually a middle man in-between your phone network and pay with mobile casino, and this is the payment handlers.

pay with phone casino
These handlers actually create all the vital infrastructure which makes your transaction possible and safe as they create all the essential software that will also follow regulatory compliance.

What Companies Act as Payment Handlers for Pay with Mobile Casino Sites?

There are a number of different companies who act as payment handlers for your favourite pay with mobile casino sites. However, the most popular one and the most widely known amongst the gambling industry is Boku.

Along the bottom of your casino you’ll normally see Boku as a payment option. This is an accredited Payforit payment intermediary, so you can be assured that your money is safe when being transferred. However, if Boku is not available in your chosen country, don’t be disappointed as there are a number of other options that you can use to make a payment as this includes companies such as Dialogue Communications, Net-M, Impulse Pay and Syniverse.

Get depositing with your mobile today for fast and convenient game playing!

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