How to choose the perfect crosstrainer for weight loss?

How to choose the perfect crosstrainer for weight loss?

Types of crosstrainers

Before buying an exercise bike for weight loss, evaluate your physical condition: how much you exercise, do you have a spinal or joint problems? Pay attention to other nuances – perhaps you have a perfect figure, but the bad form of hands. In the stores, you can buy the following models:

  • Upright crosstrainer – almost a copy of the conventional bicycle: the pedals are located here under the saddle. This bike is suitable for a wide range of users (espeially beginners)
  • Horizontal crosstrainer – this option allows for training in a half upright position (pedal located in front of the saddle). This type of bike minimizes the load on the spine and joints.
  • Ergometer crosstrainer – this option allows the maximum control over the training process (the program is set by computer).

Braking system of crosstrainer

The cheapest is a mechanical braking system – it’s based on the V-belt transmission. These units have low rates of resistance, high noise levels without providing the additional features that allow diversifying the sports program.
Magnetic braking system – the degree of load is regulated by varying the distance between the flywheel and a magnet. This crosstrainer is the average price range and ideal for weight loss.
Electromagnetic braking system – the most expensive and modern version. The unit equipped with such system is controlled by the onboard computer (training program selected by the user and automatically supported).


User weight

The most important criterion for choosing the crosstrainer for weight loss is a maximum user weight. Typically, the mechanical model calculated on the weight of 220 pounds.
Bikes with a magnetic system allow training for people up to 220lbs, but some models can withstand loads of up to 286-308 lbs. Electromagnetic models are designed for the weight up to 286-330 lbs.
crosstrainer computer
On-board computer – a convenient tool that allows you to organize training and to increase its effectiveness. Simple models show time, calories, heart rate, distance, speed.
Sophisticated computers provide the ability to set the training program. If you don’t want to overpay, remember that you can lose weight without using a computer.
And finally: the main criterion in choosing a crosstrainer for weight loss is the ease of use. If possible, before you buy your favorite model, test it or read reviews of the experts.

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