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What Games are Available on the Bitcoin Casino?

What Games are Available on the Bitcoin Casino?

Recently, there has been a surge in players using the Bitcoin casino. The Bitcoin itself is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is used as a digital payment system. The Bitcoin has grown exponentially in value and the market value is currently sitting at well over £1500 per Bitcoin. This is pretty amazing when you consider the value of it was around £400 a year ago. Of course, the Bitcoin can be pretty volatile so using the Bitcoin casino should be done at one’s own risk. It is, however, worth considering if you use the payment method for other activities.

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The Ideal NetEnt Casino Slots to Take for a Spin

The Ideal NetEnt Casino Slots to Take for a Spin

If you are an avid mobile player, then you’ll be satisfied to know that NetEnt casino sites offer you seamless gameplay across desktop, mobile and tablet products. If you are a severe slots fan and like receiving your newest gaming correct although playing on your smartphone, possibilities are you’ll get access to a complete new library of slot games when you sign up to perform at a NetEnt casino web site. Although some slot games are still not compatible with mobile gameplay, you will not have any problem accessing any of the gaming titles at a NetEnt casino web site.
If you’ve not too long ago made the switch to mobile gameplay, you are most likely to be blown away by the large array of mobile-optimised gaming titles offered at any NetEnt casino. NetEnt is paving the way for mobile gameplay and as a outcome, have retained their reputation. Becoming in a position to access the newest gaming releases straight from your tablet or smartphone gadget is an very enticing opportunity! If you pick to grow to be a NetEnt player, you’ll have some wonderful gaming experiences. Right here we’ve put collectively our top list of the ideal NetEnt casino slots.

Best Slots to Perform at a NetEnt Casino

Starburst: If you are hunting for a brand-new slot game to get for a spin at your favourite NetEnt casino, you must definitely examine out Starburst. This amazing slot game remains one particular of the most beloved titles in the NetEnt gaming catalogue and the beautiful neon-lit game screen is assured to excite any slot player, previous or new. The wonderful visuals and vibrant graphics will have you hooked right after your 1st spin and its signature Wilds attribute has helped to elevate this slots standing to legendary. This wild will in the end support you to discover a lot more winning combinations, which will support your prize fund skyrocket. Plus, the special re-spin attribute can be triggered when you land a wild on the central game reels. Your reels will then re-spin, hopefully generating rewarding winning combinations!
Gonzo’s Quest: In this epic slot game, gamers are tasked with joining Gonzo on his thrilling Amazonian adventure. Right here, you will join his search for the mythical city of gold, El Dorado. This excellent slot game comes with its extremely own opening sequence that is a should-view if you are a 1st-time player. You’ll be blown away by the animations and fans will really like the jungle backdrop total with Aztec-inspired pyramids. Plus, gamers will certainly get a chuckle out of watching Gonzo dance when you hit your subsequent big win! The unbelievable visuals and interest to detail aids to produce a genuinely immersive gaming expertise. With bets starting up at just 20p, any person will be in a position to get on this perilous quest for golden treasure. Check out out this stellar slot game at your NetEnt casino nowadays.
Jack and the Beanstalk: You’re bound to be intrigued by this slot’s fairy tale origins, especially when you have the opportunity to win some wonderful jackpot along the way! This NetEnt casino slot game provides a wonderful story and the opportunity to win big! The major aim of this fun-filled NetEnt casino game is to group up with Jack on his adventures and support him climb the beanstalk. This will support you to conquer the slot machine, which comes with some thrilling bonus attributes! This slot game comes with a wonderful opening animation that has some cracking graphics. This aids to set gamers up really nicely and you’ll truly want to get stuck into your game as soon as the screen loads. The bonus attributes support to include another dimension to your gameplay. Be on the lookout for any wild symbols or bonus scatters as they will support you to unlock some unbelievable combinations.
Motorhead: In this wonderful NetEnt casino slot release, you’ll be in a position to relive Motorhead’s amazing musical legacy. Supporters of Motorhead will really like spinning on the game reels although listening to your favourite tunes. This wonderful NetEnt casino release is fashioned in the very same mould as the very well-liked Guns N’ Roses slot release. Gamers will really like the background interface that comes with amps and a host of musical instruments. You’re bound to fall in really like with the well-designed gaming expertise on offer you here. Bets can be placed from as tiny as 20p, which tends to make it the best game for any person on a price range.
Jungle Jim El Dorado: If you are hunting for a brand-new adventure, seem no further than this thrilling NetEnt casino game. Get ready to recreate Indiana Jones’s most famous scenes as you unearth the world’s hidden relics. The wonderful symbols in this NetEnt casino slot release have all been made to seem like valuable artefacts, ranging from ancient totems to coloured gems. The ancient totems perform out a lot more, so you’ll definitely want to land multiples of these symbols on the game reels. If you control to land five of the treasure chests, you’ll immediately boost your line bet by a whopping 3000x! Each time you declare a win, you’ll get to unlock the rolling reels’ attribute. In this NetEnt casino slot game, you will proceed to get rolling reels as lengthy as you control to keep generating wins.
Tricks of Atlantis: The Lost City of Atlantis has inspired numerous tales in excess of the years. Now it has inspired a amazing new NetEnt casino slot game. Legend tells us that the city submerged and still exists someplace far beneath the ocean surface, housing untold riches. The graphics utilized are magnificent and it’s clear that NetEnt casino has pulled out all the stops to make positive their legendary city is as inviting as achievable. This game takes you on an underwater adventure, with a fun aquatic theme. You never know, you could even catch sight of a mermaid or two!

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The Latest Online Casino Innovations

The Latest Online Casino Innovations

This is very prominent on online casino sites, where they are early adopters of any new technology. In a bid to bring bigger and better games to their players, these online casino operators are always ahead of the curve.
Here are just some of the latest online casino innovations to hit the public.

Wearable Online Casino Games

With wearable technology such as the iWatch, some slot games have already been optimised for this device. The Batman slot game is one, this takes the glory of the big screen and shrinks it down to fit your device. There have been many challenges with the optimisation of the slot to keep it fun and exciting to play.
They have recently announced that there will be another iWatch in the series that will be even more powerful. The iWatch 2 will promise to take these games and put them on a bigger platform with a brighter screen. These games haven’t long been available on mobile devices but now they have been shrunk down and made even more flexible.
Apple aren’t the only ones with tech coming out to suit online casino players, as they have many competitors in the market.

Online Casino from Contrast Group on Vimeo.

3D Technology and Parallax

Gameplay in online casinos is becoming more immersive with these tech breakthroughs. 3D technology was first brought into the mainstream realm with the 3DS from Nintendo. Now, we have 3D tech at home and the promise of virtual reality in the future. Some online casino sites are already tapping into the consumer base interested in virtual reality, as they begin to build special virtual casinos.

Within some slot games, we’re also seeing a feature called Parallax viewing, which is a really impressive piece of tech. This makes the background of the online casino seem further away and as you move, it moves in the opposite direction. This gives the online casino a feeling of depth, instead of just feeling like a flat screen.
These are just some of the flashier improvements that we’re seeing in online casino sites, but there’s plenty more going on behind the scenes. One of the top features that is always improving is security, as online casino sites must strive to stay one step ahead of malicious hackers. 128 Bit SSL Security is now the standard, as this helps users to keep safe with up to date encryption.

Alternate payment methods are also being added to and innovated in the coming months. There’s a leaning towards using voucher systems in online casinos, instead of the usual services like PayPal. Both have their pros and cons but new innovations are making these more accessible to all players. This increase in the number of payments and ways in which you can use them encourages more people to stay safe online.
Whatever online casino you choose to play in, watch out for developments like these to make it even better.